Automotive Locks Maintenance

How to Maintain Automotive Locks?

While your keys and locks may not be the most expensive parts of hardware in your car, they are still one of the most important and vital parts in your car. It can be very unpleasant to try to unlock your car door when a heavy Houston rain is coming down on you and have to fight with the car lock. At this informative post you my find a few helpful tips for taking care of your automotive locks. Also how to avoid paying a locksmith as much as possible. Hence keep your automotive locks easy to use and in good working condition.

Maintain Automotive Locks Tips.

  • Some of the problems with automotive locks could be:
  • The key will turn but don’t open.
  • The key will not turn.
  • The lock malfunctioning.
  • Key turns with great effort.
  • Key doesn’t go in at all.
  • And More…

The causes of these common lock problems vary from car to car. Although in some case the solution to fix your automotive lock could be simple:

Key Doesn’t Turn.

  • If your key doesn’t turn at all it may not be cut properly or worn out from use. Therefore one of the thing you can do is to see if its your automotive locks or the key. You can try to unlock it with your second key and see if it works. If this key will operate the lock, than you know that its you old key is defective. If both keys will not work in your lock, you may have a problem with your car locks.

The Lock Doesn’t Turn.

  • If you have a key that will turn a lock, but the lock isn’t opening. The lock mechanism is probably malfunctioning. It is possible to remove your lock by yourself and replace it. You can also hire a Nate’s locksmith & garage doors to do the job for you because in many cases its not easy to do. Using the help of a professional automotive locksmith to replace the automotive locks is a good idea. Because this is one household repair you don’t want to mess up. Also because If you are not careful, you may end up replacing the complete locking mechanism.

How to Maintain automotive locks - By Nate's Locksmith & Garage Doors

Hard To Turn The Key.

  • If your automotive locks require strength to unlock the door or to turn the ignition. This maybe the time to grease your car door locks. Graphite powder or WD-40 spray can be sprayed in into your automotive lock keyway. Work the grease into your car lock by simply moving the key back and forth repeatedly. Until easily operated to turn your automotive lock. If this doesn’t solve the issue, the lock tumblers or wafers may be damaged or broken. It is highly recommended to contact Nate’s locksmith & garage doors to resolve this issue.

Damaged Or Malfunctioning Lock.

  • If your car key is not going in to the lock, try to use some wd-40 spray and gradually work the key back and forth. But if this doesn’t work it simply means that your car locks needs to be repaired or replaced. Our professional and experienced locksmiths have the ability to fix this problem in just a short period of time.

It is very important that you have a clear and better understanding on how to properly maintain and take good care of your car locks. By doing this, you can be sure that your automotive locks can last for a long period of time. If you want to learn and know more about the proper way to maintain your automotive locks, browsing the web can be a great help.

Can A Locksmith Unlock A Garage Door

Can A Locksmith Unlock A Garage Door?

Many people may have been in the situation of getting locked out of their house. Here we we will be talking about can a locksmith unlock a garage door or not. Also we will be talking about the reasons why your garage door will not open for you.

Garage Door Lockout Situation.

NOT ALL LOCKSMITHS ARE THE SAME! The general answer to the question if a locksmith can unlock a garage door is NO not every locksmith can unlock a garage door.

As professional locksmith & garage door company we combine the knowledge of both worlds, locksmith and garage doors as well. Hence we can find and provide creative solution to these types of situations. In our line of business we have to be very crafty and innovative to offer best solution for the situation at hand. Our locksmith technicians can unlock your garage door and get you back in the house.

Can A Locksmith Unlock A Garage Door - Nate's Locksmith & Garage Doors

Why My Garage Doesn’t Open For Me?

Well there could be multiple reasons for this type of issue, in which you may need A Locksmith To lockout A Garage Door For you. There could be several reason why your garage door is not opening and you may need a locksmith to lockout the garage door. The following will be some of the reasons that could lead to a garage door lockout situation:

Bad Garage Door motor.

Your garage door motor is a very important part of your garage door. Because it is not only a machine that atomizes your garage door it also acts like a lock for your door. Therefore if it has an issue it may not open for you and will not respond. That is when you may need a locksmith to unlock your garage door.

Broken Springs.

Another reason why in some cases your garage door will not open when you come back home. It is a broken garage door springs. But can a locksmith unlock a garage door in that case you may ask yourself?

Well the garage door does not go up and down just with opener it uses a missive spring systems that raise the door. It is easy to recognize this problem: when the garage door goes up a few inches and then drops back to the ground. In that case we can help not only by unlocking your garage door but also replace the broken spring for you.

No Power ( Electricity) In The House.

As funny and simple as it may sound 80% of the time when a person needs a garage door lockout is NOT ELECTRICITY. Now you nay ask yourself again can a locksmith unlock a garage door in that situation? And again the answer i yes we can do it. As a matter of fact most of the times we unlock a garage door we get in the house and simple GFCI trip can cut the power for the garage door opener, hence stop responding.

listed above are the most common reasons why you may need a locksmith to unlock a garage. So can a locksmith unlock a garage door? Yes our locksmith tech are capable of unlocking and also repair your garage issues. Give us a call or text today at (713) 444-0787.