Automotive Locks Maintenance

How to Maintain Automotive Locks?

While your keys and locks may not be the most expensive parts of hardware in your car, they are still one of the most important and vital parts in your car. It can be very unpleasant to try to unlock your car door when a heavy Houston rain is coming down on you and have to fight with the car lock. At this informative post you my find a few helpful tips for taking care of your automotive locks. Also how to avoid paying a locksmith as much as possible. Hence keep your automotive locks easy to use and in good working condition.

Maintain Automotive Locks Tips.

  • Some of the problems with automotive locks could be:
  • The key will turn but don’t open.
  • The key will not turn.
  • The lock malfunctioning.
  • Key turns with great effort.
  • Key doesn’t go in at all.
  • And More…

The causes of these common lock problems vary from car to car. Although in some case the solution to fix your automotive lock could be simple:

Key Doesn’t Turn.

  • If your key doesn’t turn at all it may not be cut properly or worn out from use. Therefore one of the thing you can do is to see if its your automotive locks or the key. You can try to unlock it with your second key and see if it works. If this key will operate the lock, than you know that its you old key is defective. If both keys will not work in your lock, you may have a problem with your car locks.

The Lock Doesn’t Turn.

  • If you have a key that will turn a lock, but the lock isn’t opening. The lock mechanism is probably malfunctioning. It is possible to remove your lock by yourself and replace it. You can also hire a Nate’s locksmith & garage doors to do the job for you because in many cases its not easy to do. Using the help of a professional automotive locksmith to replace the automotive locks is a good idea. Because this is one household repair you don’t want to mess up. Also because If you are not careful, you may end up replacing the complete locking mechanism.

How to Maintain automotive locks - By Nate's Locksmith & Garage Doors

Hard To Turn The Key.

  • If your automotive locks require strength to unlock the door or to turn the ignition. This maybe the time to grease your car door locks. Graphite powder or WD-40 spray can be sprayed in into your automotive lock keyway. Work the grease into your car lock by simply moving the key back and forth repeatedly. Until easily operated to turn your automotive lock. If this doesn’t solve the issue, the lock tumblers or wafers may be damaged or broken. It is highly recommended to contact Nate’s locksmith & garage doors to resolve this issue.

Damaged Or Malfunctioning Lock.

  • If your car key is not going in to the lock, try to use some wd-40 spray and gradually work the key back and forth. But if this doesn’t work it simply means that your car locks needs to be repaired or replaced. Our professional and experienced locksmiths have the ability to fix this problem in just a short period of time.

It is very important that you have a clear and better understanding on how to properly maintain and take good care of your car locks. By doing this, you can be sure that your automotive locks can last for a long period of time. If you want to learn and know more about the proper way to maintain your automotive locks, browsing the web can be a great help.

Can A Locksmith Unlock A Garage Door

Can A Locksmith Unlock A Garage Door?

Many people may have been in the situation of getting locked out of their house. Here we we will be talking about can a locksmith unlock a garage door or not. Also we will be talking about the reasons why your garage door will not open for you.

Garage Door Lockout Situation.

NOT ALL LOCKSMITHS ARE THE SAME! The general answer to the question if a locksmith can unlock a garage door is NO not every locksmith can unlock a garage door.

As professional locksmith & garage door company we combine the knowledge of both worlds, locksmith and garage doors as well. Hence we can find and provide creative solution to these types of situations. In our line of business we have to be very crafty and innovative to offer best solution for the situation at hand. Our locksmith technicians can unlock your garage door and get you back in the house.

Can A Locksmith Unlock A Garage Door - Nate's Locksmith & Garage Doors

Why My Garage Doesn’t Open For Me?

Well there could be multiple reasons for this type of issue, in which you may need A Locksmith To lockout A Garage Door For you. There could be several reason why your garage door is not opening and you may need a locksmith to lockout the garage door. The following will be some of the reasons that could lead to a garage door lockout situation:

Bad Garage Door motor.

Your garage door motor is a very important part of your garage door. Because it is not only a machine that atomizes your garage door it also acts like a lock for your door. Therefore if it has an issue it may not open for you and will not respond. That is when you may need a locksmith to unlock your garage door.

Broken Springs.

Another reason why in some cases your garage door will not open when you come back home. It is a broken garage door springs. But can a locksmith unlock a garage door in that case you may ask yourself?

Well the garage door does not go up and down just with opener it uses a missive spring systems that raise the door. It is easy to recognize this problem: when the garage door goes up a few inches and then drops back to the ground. In that case we can help not only by unlocking your garage door but also replace the broken spring for you.

No Power ( Electricity) In The House.

As funny and simple as it may sound 80% of the time when a person needs a garage door lockout is NOT ELECTRICITY. Now you nay ask yourself again can a locksmith unlock a garage door in that situation? And again the answer i yes we can do it. As a matter of fact most of the times we unlock a garage door we get in the house and simple GFCI trip can cut the power for the garage door opener, hence stop responding.

listed above are the most common reasons why you may need a locksmith to unlock a garage. So can a locksmith unlock a garage door? Yes our locksmith tech are capable of unlocking and also repair your garage issues. Give us a call or text today at (713) 444-0787.

Lost Motorcycle Key?

Lost Motorcycle Key? What Should You Do!

I think that at some point in life any motorcycle rider has encountered a lost motorcycle key situation. Then the drama begins, Why? Because it usually happens right before a huge rally or some type of a motorcycle event. Maybe just a planed ride with some friends. But the point is that it usually happens at the worst time possible. In the tips below you will find tips on what to do in a lost motorcycle key situation and also what not to do.

What Should You Do?

  • When encountering a lost motorcycle key situation the things you should and should not do. Those tips are usually obvious but in time of panic a simple reminders like this can help.


  • First thing is to come down and breath. Sounds corny but true in most cases when panic or unrest sets in nothing can be accomplished. When you are relaxed your mind works a lot better. Chances are that you will find your lost motorcycle key in no time.


  • Second thing you can do. Is look through your favorite riding jacket or outfit chances are that its probably hiding in one of the pockets. Many times it is the case the harder to find more simpler the place. Meaning its probably laying somewhere in plane sight. Sometimes its around your bike may have just fallen out of your pocket or key chain.


  • Third thing is to go through vases and ashtrays. It may sound funny but many people have decorative vases and trays and tend to throw things in them. Therefore going through them maybe a good thing to do in a lost motorcycle key situation you have nothing to loose only to find.


  • The forth is the thing that you may do after all attempts of finding your lost motorcycle key failed. You thinking probably about calling the dealer and asking them if they may have a spare key or a code for your bike. Well they don’t, non of the motorcycle dealer have a data base like cars. Motorcycles don’t have a data base with key codes.


  • Fifth is the dealer will tell you 2 things. Thing number one is the only solution is to call a locksmith that specializes in lost motorcycle key replacement. Second thing is they will tell you that they need to replace all the locks on the motorcycle (ignition, Gas cap & Seat ). I don’t recommend you doing that because it will cost you 3 times the money then making a lost motorcycle key replacement. A locksmith will be way way cheaper.

If everything failed in search for your lost motorcycle key then you can always call us at 7134440787. We can make you a new motorcycle key on site at your location without much of a hassle. We specialize in these types of situations and not only for bikes but in Car keys, Houses & Commercial lost keys. Hence if you are in need of a new key for anything we can definitely help you in your time of need.

Things You Can Do To Prevent Lost Motorcycle Key Situations!

First thing you can do is a very simple solution, Just get a keys rack and hang it by the door or in the garage on the wall closest to the bike. That way after a nice ride you just hang it there.

Second thing is getting a stretching key chain with a carabiner. The one that can hang from your belt loops on your pants. Very easy solution especially for Harley riders. It can save you a lot of time & money. There are maty types and sizes on amazon you can choose the one that work best for you!

lost motorcycle key chain solution for loss prevention lost motorcycle key chain solution for loss prevention

Antique Furniture Lost Key Replacement

Antique Furniture Lost Key Replacement ( Skeleton Key).

Today we will be talking about the Antique Furniture Lost Key Replacement situations and the solutions. So, in today’s trends one of the popular one is antique furniture collection and restoration. Some of us buy it as part of the home decor. Some of the furniture may be given to us by family. Let’s be honest some of them are absolute art pieces that the craftsmanship is like no other. Therefore for some people its the cash value and for some its the sentimental value that is stored in them.

But with the years of usage and moving from one place to another the keys may get lost. Now what do you do to lock or unlock it? There are several ways that you can try to find an Antique Furniture Lost Key Replacement.

First Way.

The first way to Antique Furniture Lost Key Replacement is going online and start playing the mix and match game. A very popular way for antique furniture lost key replacement solutions. Because on ebay or amazon you can find lots of people that sell used skeleton keys. Many varieties and lots of used keys. You may have a chest or liquor closet that was produced in large numbers. Hence you may have a greater chance of getting a key that will work for your Antique Furniture Lost Key online.

Second Way.

Now the second way may require you to be a bit handy with wood work tools. Why you ask? Well because in some cases you may not find the keys for your antique furniture lost key replacement situation you are looking for. Hence this is where the the handy part comes in, if you didn’t find the right key that means you may need to replace the whole locking mechanism. Also like in the previous way you can find these locks online but you may need to retrofit the the woodwork a bit for the lock to fit in all the holes and housings.

Third Way.

The third way is actually very simple. It is simple because you can use a professional for your Antique Furniture Lost Key Replacement. Therefore you just make a phone call to us and will do everything for you. So, first of all we can fit the locks with a new key and make duplicates of that key as well. Also in many antique furniture lost key replacement situations the furniture is LOCKED.

Hence that is where it becomes difficult, but we can handle it. Because we are able not only make a key but also unlocking the peace of furniture for you. The decision of making a key or not is totally up to you. At nate’s locksmith & garage doors we do all of our work damage free and if we may need to do some damage you will be notified before the work starts.

Antique Furniture Lost Key Replacement Antique Furniture Lost Key Replacement Antique Furniture Lost Key Replacement

Residential Locks Maintenance Tips

Residential Locks Maintenance Tips.

It doesn’t matter where your residential property is located for intruders to target you. So to provide maximum protection and security for your loved ones and family. It is essential to have good quality residential locks, home monitoring and alarm system. Because alarm systems and good residential locks have the ability to deter intruders. It is a fact that residential locks and alarm system is beneficial for homeowners to make sure that they are safe and secure inside their home.

It also protects the possessions you have worked hard to obtain. When looking for an alarm system and residential locks that best suits your lifestyle and home, it is important to seek out an industry leader in home security. You can contact us and we will evaluate your current locks and suggest which residential locks options will work the best for you. As a homeowner it is very important that you are aware and familiar with your residential locks and know exactly how to use your alarm and monitoring systems. Call us today for any locksmith assistance.

  • (713) 444-0787.
  • (713) 966-6070.

Residential Locks Maintenance Tips By Nate's Locksmith & Garage Doors

Here Are Some Effective Ways To Find Good Residential Locks.

  • When you are looking for residential locks and home security for your property you must consider a few things.
  • The weather of your hometown.
  • Exposure to elements (How much Rain or sun the lock is exposed to).
  • Research the lock your buying if it will answer all of your needs.
  • Another good thing to know about your lock is the level of maintenance it needs.

Good Ways For Added Security.

  • Residential monitoring truly works and provides amazing benefits to homeowners. Also a good security cameras have the ability to deter intruders. It is also very beneficial for individuals who usually travel a lot.
  • Securing and monitoring your home and property is very important to keep your mind at peace. Home security systems and alarms allow you to keep a good eye on your property.
  • It is essential to have ways that make thieves and intruders reconsider their next move. Making your property less reachable is the top objective of installing residential locks and home security system.
  • Always remember that it only takes a minute for thieves and intruders to enter your home. In order to be able to use your locks for a long time locks maintenance is essential every few months.
  • Taking good care of your residential locks is very important especially if you want to maintain its functionality and quality. If you notice that your residential locks are not functioning at all you can always consult one of our lock specialists.
  • (713) 444-0787.
  • (713) 966-6070.

Contact Us Today!

In the present time there are many residential locks brands to choose from. Therefore you can choose the one that best works for you. Hence browsing the web is a good way to gather information on how to properly maintain your residential locks. Also it is a great way to find the best locks for your money. Another great way to get information about the  locks isto call us. Because we can come over and do a presentation for you. Also maintaining your locks on a regular basis is very recommended in order to have good and operational locks. Therefore keeping your residential locks in good condition.

What Is The Difference Between An Ignition Lock Cylinder And Ignition Switch?

What Is The Ignition Lock Cylinder? (713) 444-0787.

Hi there guys Nate here from Nate’s Locksmith & Garage doors. Most of us out there have cars and we turn them on and off several times a day. That means we stick and remove and turn the ignition lock cylinder every time on most of the car before 2016. Therefore there will come a time that you’ll ask yourself what is the ignition lock cylinder anyways?

An ignition lock cylinder is basically a composition of metallic cylinders, tubes, wafers and springs. Hence when the key is inserted into the main key hole, the wafers fall into the grooves on the key. Afterwards the wafers will compose a straight line allowing the tube twist freely inside the cylinder. Saying that i’m just over simplifying the complexity of the ignition lock cylinder. Therefore helping you get the idea!

Ignition Lock Cylinder

What Is The Difference Between The Ignition Lock Cylinder And Ignition Switch?

Well the most common mistake when people call me with a problem is that they confuse the ignition lock cylinder and the ignition switch. Therefore guys the difference between the too is great. About the ignition lock cylinder i have explained on top. Now i will explain what is the ignition switch.

The ignition switch is the master switch located BEHIND THE IGNITION CYLINDER. It is an electrical part that provides power for the vehicle’s electrical accessories, computer, fuel and the ignition systems. It also routes current from the battery to the starter to crank the engine. ACC – Accessory position that provides power to electrical accessories only, not the engine.

Therefore if you drive your key into the ignition lock and it doesn’t turn. A stuck or damaged ignition lock may cause the key not to turn. But if you drive the key into the ignition lock and it turns but the car doesn’t start that means that there is a problem with the ignition switch or the starter.

Ignition Lock Cylinder Is Not An Ignition Switch - This Is An Ignition Switch!

Also If You Need A Professional Assessment If You May Have A Bad ignition lock cylinder Or An Ignition Switch Problem. You Can Call Nate’s Locksmith & Garage Doors And We Will Provide A Professional Opinion. (713) 444-0787.

2015-2017 GMC Yukon Key Adding

2015-2017 GMC Yukon Key Adding.

With the years to come the technology of the car’s progress and they are becoming smarter and more sophisticated. Therefore the sophistication of the car keys naturally goes along with it. Moreover with the years it becomes harder and almost impossible to get a key for your car without a locksmith. But it’s not the case with the 2015-2017 GMC yukon key adding. So if you own a gmc 2015-2017 and may have lost a key or just want to add another one it is possible!

2015 – 2017 GMC Yukon Key adding Prosidure.

If you have an existing key that means that there is no problem adding a second and a third key. Let’s start learning how to do it. So to do a 2015-2017 GMC yukon key adding with an existing key just follow the next steps.

  1. Remove the insert ( emergency key ) from the existing transmitter ( remote ).
  2. Next place the existing transmitter ( remote) into the cup holder or on the passenger seat.
  3. To start the 2015-2017 gmc yukon key adding ( learning ) procedure, insert the emergency key into the driver side door lock ( if you can’t see it then remove the plastic cover on top of it). Then turn the key counterclockwise to the unlock position 5 times within 10 seconds. The driver information center ( where all the gauges are ) will display READY FOR REMOTE #2, 3, 4 etc.
  4. Place the new transmitter into the transmitter pocket/insert ( located at the far right corner of the armrest after you open the lid of the armrest. Or at the designated place by the manufacturer ). 2015-2017 GMC Yukon Key Adding Procedure - Transmitter Insert Pocket
  5. Next in the 2015-2017 gmc yukon key adding procedure you will then press the START/STOP button. Then the DIC ( driver information center ) will display the message READY FOR THE NEXT TRANSMITTER. Let go of the button.
  6. Then you will remove the transmitter from the insert pocket and press ( on the transmitter ) LOCK OR UNLOCK button. To Add more keys repeat the 4-6 steps. When all of the wanted keys are programmed press and hold the START/STOP button for 12 seconds to exit the 2015-2017 gmc yukon key adding procedure.
  7. Now you can insert back the emergency key back into the transmitter.

The Following 2015-2017 GMC Yukon Key Adding Procedure Is Presented By Nate’s Locksmith!

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