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Ignition not turning over? We can repair it no time! There are a few things that can go wrong with an ignition cylinder. Such as the switch, a broken piece inside, worn down wafers, and more. At nate’s locksmith, we will be there in no time to diagnose and do the ignition cylinder repair. Our experienced technicians will never try to sell you anything you don’t need. Also we will provide excellent ignition cylinder repair service at lower costs than the competition. Therefore if your ignition isn’t turning over then you may need and ignition cylinder repair service. Also you can call our locksmith service any time.

Ignition Cylinder Repair & Replacement In Houston By Nate's Locksmith Services

How To Recognize The Problem?

How can you tell if an ignition cylinder repair is needed? So, there are a few ways to know if you need an ignition cylinder repair services or not. The first and the most common way to see the problem is when you key won’t turn. So if your key doesn’t turn to on position that means the ignition is stuck and you need and ignition cylinder repair services. Than second way to recognize an ignition cylinder repair situation is when your key won’t turn all the way to start or turn off the car.

NOTE: If your ignition turns but the car won’t start then that means that you have a problem with the IGNITION SWITCH which is an electrical part on the back of the ignition cylinder. Also you may have a problem with the ANTI THEFT SYSTEM. Please do not attempt to fix the ignition before the tech arrives unless you are absolutely sure that you can do the job.

Why Shouldn’t I Try To Do The Ignition Cylinder Repair Myself?

Not only is this stressful but it can also cause more problems later on with your vehicle. For an example thru the ignition cylinder repair process you may damage the immo box which will cripple the car totally. Or you also can damage the housing and will not be able to put the ignition back. So call us now for an estimate, anytime of the day! Nate’s Locksmith is a locally owned & operated company. We promise to provide the best service we can for all of our clients!


Ignition Cylinder Replacement Services.

In the event the ignition cylinder repair don’t work we will replace it for you. Because all of the company vans carry ignitions for most makes and models. Therefore we are able to do a replacement if a repair don’t work. We offer exceptional service and unbeatable prices with our award winning 30 day written warranties. The hassle that comes from not being able to start your car can be unbearable. So why not let us ease your stress!

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