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About to go to work but the key wont turn? Need a good, reliable and cheap ignition cylinder repair? Don’t know who to call for help? Well, nate’s locksmith is the place for you! Because we offer the best and the cheapest ignition cylinder replacement in houston. We can do an ignition cylinder replacement or repair for most of the vehicles. The price for the repair or the replacement varies depending on the make, model and year of the car, bike or any other vehicle.

Ignition Lock Cylinder - ignition cylinder replacementIgnition Cylinder Repair & ignition cylinder Replacement In Houston By Nate's Locksmith Services

Why Does The ignition Cylinder Brake?

The ignition cylinder can brake from several reasons. The first and the main reason is simple wear and tear situation because of the age of the vehicle. The second reason maybe the key, the more worn out the key the more damage it does to the ignition cylinder. Also there are miscellaneous reasons that can occur which is driving a wrong key in the ignition cylinder. Or maybe breaking the key inside of the ignition and trying to remove the broken peace with a pin or any other unprofessional tools!

What Is The Ignition Cylinder Replacement Process Goes?

Well for starters we would need to remove the old ignition out. Some ignition cylinders may need to be turned to a certain position before the ignition cylinder replacement. Therefore that’s where our skills and knowledge kick in, because how can you turn something that is broken!!!

In many ignition cylinder replacement jobs we are still able to pick the ignition. If there was an attempt of replacement before calling a locksmith. In that case we will have to drill the ignition in a very specific way and place. Hence avoiding the damage to the housing of that ignition. After the removal comes the actual ignition cylinder replacement.

From this point the ignition cylinder replacement becomes a bit easier. We can match the ignition to the old key ( if the key was not the reason for the broken ignition in the first place ). Then we would place it in and now you can drive your car again.

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