Lost Motorcycle Key?

Lost Motorcycle Key? What Should You Do!

I think that at some point in life any motorcycle rider has encountered a lost motorcycle key situation. Then the drama begins, Why? Because it usually happens right before a huge rally or some type of a motorcycle event. Maybe just a planed ride with some friends. But the point is that it usually happens at the worst time possible. In the tips below you will find tips on what to do in a lost motorcycle key situation and also what not to do.

What Should You Do?

  • When encountering a lost motorcycle key situation the things you should and should not do. Those tips are usually obvious but in time of panic a simple reminders like this can help.


  • First thing is to come down and breath. Sounds corny but true in most cases when panic or unrest sets in nothing can be accomplished. When you are relaxed your mind works a lot better. Chances are that you will find your lost motorcycle key in no time.


  • Second thing you can do. Is look through your favorite riding jacket or outfit chances are that its probably hiding in one of the pockets. Many times it is the case the harder to find more simpler the place. Meaning its probably laying somewhere in plane sight. Sometimes its around your bike may have just fallen out of your pocket or key chain.


  • Third thing is to go through vases and ashtrays. It may sound funny but many people have decorative vases and trays and tend to throw things in them. Therefore going through them maybe a good thing to do in a lost motorcycle key situation you have nothing to loose only to find.


  • The forth is the thing that you may do after all attempts of finding your lost motorcycle key failed. You thinking probably about calling the dealer and asking them if they may have a spare key or a code for your bike. Well they don’t, non of the motorcycle dealer have a data base like cars. Motorcycles don’t have a data base with key codes.


  • Fifth is the dealer will tell you 2 things. Thing number one is the only solution is to call a locksmith that specializes in lost motorcycle key replacement. Second thing is they will tell you that they need to replace all the locks on the motorcycle (ignition, Gas cap & Seat ). I don’t recommend you doing that because it will cost you 3 times the money then making a lost motorcycle key replacement. A locksmith will be way way cheaper.

If everything failed in search for your lost motorcycle key then you can always call us at 7134440787. We can make you a new motorcycle key on site at your location without much of a hassle. We specialize in these types of situations and not only for bikes but in Car keys, Houses & Commercial lost keys. Hence if you are in need of a new key for anything we can definitely help you in your time of need.

Things You Can Do To Prevent Lost Motorcycle Key Situations!

First thing you can do is a very simple solution, Just get a keys rack and hang it by the door or in the garage on the wall closest to the bike. That way after a nice ride you just hang it there.

Second thing is getting a stretching key chain with a carabiner. The one that can hang from your belt loops on your pants. Very easy solution especially for Harley riders. It can save you a lot of time & money. There are maty types and sizes on amazon you can choose the one that work best for you!

lost motorcycle key chain solution for loss prevention lost motorcycle key chain solution for loss prevention